Susquehanna Editions, Publisher of David Seybold, Jersey Shore Pennsylvania
Oil Lamp, Apples, Bushel Basket, Old Broom, Colonial Building, Windowsill, Cracked Plaster, Wood Floors
Snowman, Broom, Axe, Stone House, Blowing Snow, Tin Lantern, Firewood, Christmas Wreath, Chimney Smoke, Split Rail Fence, Trees Log Cabin, Christmas Bough, Chimney Smoke, Snowman, Tin Lantern, Scarf, Cap, Trees, Blowing Snow, Winter, Split Rail Fence, Firewood
Buttocks Basket, Cracked Plaster, Primitive Stillife, Shadows, Roseberries
Smokehouse, Old Wood, Shadows, Wildflowers, Milk Can, Daylillies, Crown Vetch, Daisies, Wooden Clapboard Siding, Milkweed Mifflinburg Buggy Museum Fundraiser, Old Wagon, Buggy, Stone Springhouse, Snow, Winter, Stone Farm, Barn, Trees, Stream, Creek, Split Rail Fence American Flag, Bennington Flag, Baskets, Blueberries, Old Chair, Stone Wall, Primitive, Snowman, Red Country Schoolhouse, School Bell, Birdhouse, Outhouse, Clapboard Siding, Wooden Bench, Pine Trees, Snow, Winter, Split Rail Fence Country Store Pennsdale PA, Old Yellow, Christmas Garland, Bows, Wreath, Candles, Candlelight, Hams, Fresh Eggs, Meats, Muncy Historical Society Galvanized Pail, Styers Blueberry Farm, Blueberries, Old Smokehouse, Antique Rustic Wood, Bucket
Christmas Wreath, Stone Barn, Cupola, Wagon Wheel, Split Rail Fence, Pitchfork, Wooden Bucket, Bench, Winter, Snow, Snowman, Birdhouse, Trees American Red Cross Fundraiser, Christmas Wreath, Stone House, Split Rail Fence, Winter, Snow, Chimney Smoke Old Stone House, Barn, Farm Bell, Snowman, Colonial Hat, Christmas Wreath, Wood Pile, Chimney, Snow, Stone Wall, Smokehouse, Woodshed Pennsylvania Farm, Spring, Wooden Barn, Sap Bucket, Maple Syrup, Pasture, Silo, Landscape,
Scarecrow, Stone House, Pumpkins, Split Rail Fence, Birdhouse, Cornshocks, Stone Springhouse, Smokehouse, Moonlight, Autumn, Chimney Smoke Christmas Print, Snow, Winter, Sled, Fexible Flyer, Log House, Stone House, Stone Wall, Birdhouse, Chimney Smoke, Wreath, Board and Battan
Redware, Old Stone Fireplace, Candlemould, Wrought Iron, Union County Historical Society, Copper Kettle, Open Hearth Cooking, Lewisburg PA
American Cancer Society Fundraiser, Split Rail Fence, Daffodils, Birdhouse, Stone Springhouse, Trees, Spring, Sunshine Snowman, American Flag, Colonial Hat, Scarf, Wrought Iron Gate, Fence, Stone House, Christmas Wreath, Birdhouse, Chimney Smoke, Red Shutters Snow, Winter, Farm, Barn, Split Rail Fence, Moonlight, Outhouse, Springhouse, Smokehouse, Trees Snowman, Snow, Winter, Stone Bake Oven, Bakeoven, Pizza Paddle, Axe, Firewood, Chimney Smoke, Split Rail Fence, Birdhouse, Trees Bucknell University Lewisburg PA, Cherry Blossoms, Ellen Clark Bertrand Library, Spring, Clock Tower, Leaves, Brick Snowman, Wooden Outhouse, Stone Wall, Scarf, Toilet Paper, Birdhouse, Christmas Wreath, Blowing Snow, Trees
Summer, Sunshine, Brick and Stone Bake Oven, Bakoven, Geraniums, Terra Cotta Pots, Trees, Shadows, Chimney, Beehive Oven Snowman, Old Country Church, Tin Lantern, Christmas Wreath, Birdhouse, Candle Light, Cross, Steeple, Wood Clapboard, Stone Wall, Trees, White Antique Red Tricycle, Field of Daisies, Spring Seat, Rust Christmas Print, Snow, Moonlight, Buckboard Wagon, Handmade Rake, Warrior Run Historical Society, Hower Slote House, Split Rail Fence, Trees,
Snowman, Old Stone House, Country Inn, Trees, Snow, Winter, Moonlight, Birdhouse, Christmas, Split Rail Fence, Wreath, Lantern, Wine Snowman, Old Log House, Log Cabin, Trees, Snow, Winter, Moonlight, Birdhouse, Christmas, Split Rail Fence, Wreath, Candle Light, Latern
Warrior Run Church, Fort Freeland, Colonial Church, Christmas Print, Snow, Cristmas Wreath, Country Church, Trees

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